digital art portfolio

By Destiny Drauschke


This sketchbook drawing was a free choice so I could draw whatever I wanted too. I didn't know what to draw. I love sports so I decided to do a sports related drawing. I drew the softball,basketball,volleyball,and soccer ball, and then I decided that it needed more. So I drew another important part to each sport behind each object and this is what I came up with!

14 objects

We were told to draw a drawing with 14 random objects in it. At the end the drawing shouldn't make much sense. We needed tings like a home, 2 ways of transportation, a fence, a tree, 3 animals, 2 tools, and a toy. I tried to come up with creative objects. For example, my 2 tools were a toothbrush and a fork. I found a way to fit all 14 objects in my drawing and have it look awesome in the end!

Optical Illusion

This time we had to draw an optical illusion. We could have used one of the examples Ms. Smitz showed us, but I decided to find my own. This illusion is supposed to make you think that the lines are zig-zagged, but they are actually parallel A mistake I made is making the pink lines too bright of a color and definitely too thick. The pink lines should have just been really thin and not at all as noticeable as the bright pink is. But, I believe that it still looks pretty cool.

Room In Perspective

We were learning how to draw in one point perspective. Our job was to draw a room using what we learned, and to be creative with it. I tried my best to be creative, and I think it does look pretty creative. The room I decided to draw is a kitchen. The picture you see to the right is my end result, and I think I did really well on this project, and it was really fun!

Line Spiral

This line spiral drawing was one of the first things I did in art class. At first this was kind of difficult and confusing, but once I got going, I figured it out and it was really fun and looks really cool.

Name In Perspective

This was something we did before the rooms in perspective project. I think I would prefer to do this project before the room project because it was easier and helped me get the hang of one point perspective so it helped me do better on my room, so I'm glad we did this first. I had to make sure to fade as it got farther away. This looks really awesome!


The Zentangle project was probably one of my favorites. It was really fun to draw an animal and doodle all over it. The animal I did is a dog because I love dogs. I made sure that I used many different creative doodles and I made sure that the colors were nice and bright. This looks really awesome and I loved it. I like that this looks really creative and unique and I think I did really well.

Closing Statement

1. My zentangle is my strongest because I could just do random doodles, not care what it looks like and have it still be a good drawing, have fun with it and no matter what I drew it would look cool.

2. I struggled with the line spiral at first because it was quite confusing. At first it made no sence at all, but then I started to get the hang of it and have a good end result.

3. I will probably just use the stuff I learned in art class when I want to draw at home, because I do that a lot, so this information will help me improve my "for-fun" drawings a lot.

4. I want my viewers to think that my artwork is creative, unique, and amazing!

5. I made sure that my art work was a creative, unique, and amazing as I could get it!