TCMS Update

June 14, 2015

Week Ahead

Locker Clean-Out on Monday for 8th and Tuesday for 7th. Please be sure students are taking their artwork home, recycling and placing school supplies in the appropriate boxes. (Monday, June 22 will be the 6th grade day.)

Please try to get to the bus loop on Thursday at dismissal to wave goodbye to the 7th and 8th graders! We will be by the BHS track so all the buses will pass us. This has been a lot of fun the last couple of years and we get a lot of good feedback for doing this!

Rooms Assignments: Mike, Betsy and I hope to have this figured out before you leave on June 25, but let us know if you would like to share rooms or are interested in moving. Please remember room assignments are based on the needs of the students and also have to accommodate the schedule. I may start building a 500 level...

Halls and Lunches: The more of a presence we have in these two locations, the smoother this week will run. Thanks for all the help you can provide!

Update Trivia

Winner and Question

Mike Maloy was right when he answered that Lake Riley covered all the way across Culver to the current property of TRATA's.

When was the first and last year that the BHS graduation was held at the Eastman Theater?