Factors Affecting

system performance

Data bus width

The width of the data bus dictates the number of bits that can be transferred in parallel to and from memory.

A 32-bit data bus can transfer 32 bits in one operation, given of course that each memory location can hold 32 bits. A bits. A 16-bit data bus can transfer 16 bits in one operation, half the transfer rate.

The use of cache memory

Cache memory units sit between the processor and main memory. Cache memory units are usually made up of fast acting static RAM chips, The cache holds copies of all data and instructions that are commonly used by the processor. This means the CPU can get these instructions / data quickly from cache rather than having to access the slower main memory.


The data transfer rate of peripherals

All peripherals operate at slower speeds than the processor. This can slow down processing if, for example, the CPU needs to read data from a CD

This means that selecting a drive with a faster data transfer rate can improve the overall performance of your system.