by Tim Harbert

Plato is shy

He has a hard time with words. He stutters a lot when he talks. He also has a hard time making friends. He says that Jim is his best friend and goes on and on about him even thought he only knows him for a day. He also is silent at times. Plato ignored Jim twice when he offered him his jacket.


Plato is psychotic because he killed a cat and he also makes Jim and Judy his mom and dad. Plato is also unstable he carries a gun and starts shooting when buzz's friends try to jump him.

Plato is Loyal

Plato constantly tries to help Jim. He tries to help him during the knife fight and he tried to warn him about the guys that came to his house. He also says that Jim is his best friend after only a day of knowing him. Plato displays loyalty all throughout the film even when Jim goes to play "Chiki" with Buzz.


Plato grew up without a father figure or a mother, they both were gone and left him on his own. This made him want someone to look up to. He began to kill puppies as a desperate cry for attention. Jim started giving Plato attention, so in return Plato started looking up to Jim, and was very loyal to him. Once Jim leaves Plato alone, he feels betrayed so goes on a shooting spree with his gun. I Believe that Plato didn't have the option to change because he was gunned down. If he had live i believe that he would have got some help and maybe his father would've became part of his life.


A healthy family has stable and successful children, however a dysfunctional family produces dysfunctional children. For example Jim's father doesn't show the qualities of a man so Jim goes off on his own and tries to find out what it means to be a man on his own so he does things that make him out to be a delinquent. for instance drinking, knife fights, stealing cars and driving them off a cliff. Another example is with Judy. Her father doesn't give her any affection so she goes off with boys and easily falls in love. the last example is with Plato. He doesn't have a father or a mother in his life so it drives him crazy. He has a hard time making friends and he makes his piers into parental figures. All these kids have family problems that effect their life. Each one of them also has the absence of a father figure.