Lord of the Flies, William Golding

Olivia Van Meter


The lord of the flies in a unique book which includes many appeals such as pathos. Which Is used by the boys giving Jack the nickname 'beast' which indicates something negative but also meant a good thing because he was 'beast' at hunting. Another appeal William Golding displays his novel is 'bandwagon' appeal. Since Ralph is the leader he, persuades everyone to follow what he thinks is right and no one can do anything but follow. Ralph tells the boys what they want to hear, leadership wise, and they like what they hear so they go along with it.


There are a few themes of this book. One of them being man vs. nature. I think this is the most obvious one because the boys are all stuck on the island and are faced with the conflicts of wild animals, no shelter, and hunger as well as thirst. They have to endure these problems their wit and physical bodies. Another theme in this book is that the boys learned not to take everything for granted because they never knew how hard it was going to be, to TRY to survive on an unfamiliar island