Soda pop

Sodapop curtis

What happened to sodapop?

soda pop is in Oklahoma and is still in love with sandy but they dont get married he said he would marry sandy when eventually when pony boy finishes school but soda didnt know sandy was cheating on him and eventually left town. Soda pop will always be haunted by not finishing school and he is still working at the Dx gas station and is still helping darry with the bills.Soda said "I might marry sandy when you or sandy gets out of school and Im going to help darry with the bills.

Where is sodapop now?

Sodapop finally found another girl he liked and married her. Soda helps darry but eventaully goes and moves to the country with pony but he still misses mickey mouse.

His family

What does sodapop do now?

He attends watching rodeos and watches the farm of other people and he got a job from the ranchers. He always liked the horses and being in a farm but until his favorite horse got sold years ago.