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New Scheduling for the Learning Commons

We are moving to a new type of scheduling in the ALC! Teachers are now collaborating with me to do the things that they want to do in the way of lessons, research, storytime and technology!

It is working well so far with many teachers taking the plunge and deciding that the ALC is a great place to have their lessons for many reasons. Be sure to check my blog for any new calendar additions, news for teachers, parents and students and all the latest pictures from lessons.

ALC Schedule Next Week

Next Week: We are transitioning to a true collaborative model with scheduling in the ALC beginning next week. Some interesting things scheduled are:

  • GAA Standards with Mrs. Guertin
  • Extension Reading Group for Ms. Kimbrough
  • Fifth Grade Research on Westward Expansion and Immigrants with Mrs. Casey
  • Fourth Grade Research on Native Americans for Ms. Kimbrough
  • Second Grade Research on the Cherokee Indians

The schedule for next week is below:

Big image

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Be sure to keep up with my blog for any new information. I will post this updated newsletter there on the calendar page every Friday or Monday. Also, the calendar page lists what is going on in the Learning Commons at all times.

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