Hero Brine Rises

Brandon w. Berg

Authors theme

Two boys who love playing mine craft and get taped in a mine craft world and try to escape.


The boys have to fight Hero Brine to escape the world by defeating Hero Brine and go through a maze.


Josh and Andre twine brothers

Mom short ,brown eyes

Dad tall, blue eye


They been to school, dads work the sciences lab and home. The boys were playing mine craft. it was a sunny day

Summary of The Story

Josh and Andre, ten year old twin brothers, used their dads virtual reality lab equipment.

So they could play mine craft As if you were their in the real world. Since it was a prototype they can only go one at a time. they hacked a password protected server. the one crack by notch himself, the only world that has hero-brine in it. it was not what the twine boys expected.