Czech Republic

by: Ryan Cutrer

Czech Republics Culture

Czechs eats three meals a day. The main meal is lunch, breakfast and dinner are light. Dering the week kids eat at school and adults usually eat at work. Urban, they mostly live in old apartment blocks. Rural, they live in brick houses and gardens in the front and the back, now people take better care of there homes. Ownership, young people can't really afford to own a home, but young couples are usually can buy an apartment. People in Czech Republic celebrate a holiday called Cyril and Methodius's day,

Czech Republics Goverment

The Czech Republic is a parliamentary democracy and are divided into 13 regions and a capitol city. They have a president and he or she is elected by direct popular vote for a five year term. The prime minister is the head of the government. You can only vote if you are 18 and up.

What is Happening NOW!

The National Bank is selling there loss-making internet banking.

The Famose Landmarks

The capitol of Czech Republic is famous for its agriculture, most people don't know that there are more green than there are buildings. Svaty Kopecke also known as Holly Hill, it is famous because it was visited by Pop John Paul II in 1995 and it is famous for its beautiful land marks.