Gunstock War Club

Taylor Hinds

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There is evidence dating back to the 17th century showing that the Sioux tribes used the gunstock war club since the first settlers came to the Americas. There is no evidence on whether or not the design originated from the settler's guns, but the resemblance gave the club its name.This club was found in the Coli du Prairies in Minnesota.

Gunstock war clubs were one of the simplest forms of weaponry, but they were a very important and useful weapon to the Natives. They were used in the Great Sioux war, which included the Battle of Little Big Horn, where they fought the US. The clubs were used much like bayonets, using the spike to impale people (usually in the head) and kill them. This club helps us look back into Sioux and other native american cultures to see how simple they were, but to also see how powerful and innovative they were with the amount of technology they had.