Dos and Don'ts of Netiquette

Participate 3.1.2 Digital Resources and Netiquette Quest

What you should do in Internet Communications

  • · Do be respectful when you respond to the posts of others
  • · Do find something positive to say
  • · Do proof read
  • · Do be clear in all communications
  • · Do use BCC on group emails to protect the privacy of others
  • · Do fill in the subject line of emails as it helps the receiver to track the email
  • · Do think before you send an email especially if you are upset
  • · Do read other discussion posts or questions before posting your thoughts

What you should NOT do in Internet Communications

  • · Do not use ALL CAPS- this implies that you are shouting
  • · Do not use sarcasm
  • · Do not use acronyms
  • · Do not send large files without compressing them
  • · Do not forward emails or email addresses without permission