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November 14, 2014

The Exchange City Field Trip is Coming!

Thank you for returning the Exchange City field trip permission forms so quickly. If you have not done so, please do ASAP.

Parent volunteers: Once students have been placed in their jobs (interviews will be held on 11/25), a detailed parent volunteer letter will come home. It will include directions to Exchange City as well as your shop assignment.

Monday (11/17) - Students will receive job applications and begin their resumes.

Thursday (11/18) - Students who would like to run for mayor and judge may begin campaigning.

Friday (11/19) - Elections held for mayor and judge.

Tuesday (11/25) - Job Interviews held. Our class will be interviewed by Dr. Slaughter.

Thursday (12/11) - Exchange City field trip

English/Language Arts

Our Titanic journey continued this week as the class read "Titanic Past and Present" from the Titanic Historical Society. We read the article with this question in mind: "Could this tragedy have been prevented?" As we read, we collected text evidence relating to this question and then students made inferences about the information. Building off of our context clues lessons last week, we used the reading equation TE (text evidence) + BK (background knowledge) = I (inference). Then students used their facts and inferences to write a paragraph arguing whether or not the Titanic tragedy could have been prevented. On Friday, students drew a name and mini-biography of a Titanic passenger out of a hat. Students used facts on the biography card to make inferences about that passenger.

This week we analyzed memoir structure under a new lens - expository writing. Again, we looked at the "Quietly Struggling" memoir - about shyness, and students color-coded it to notice the structural pattern. Green identified the main idea: intro and concluding paragraphs, yellow identified the memoir's details/points, and red was used to code the narrative examples the author used to support her points.

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We wrapped up our unit on writing, adding, and subtracting decimals this week. Our test will be on Monday. This week students practiced finding patterns with decimals, adding and subtracting money, and solving word problems using both of these skills. They were introduced to a checkbook register as some of the problems involved writing checks and making deposits into bank accounts. It tied in well with our upcoming field trip to Exchange City, as students will have a bank account and checkbook.

Social Studies

Students learned about colonial life by previewing the chapter text by looking at photographs; reading captions, headings, and bold words; and analyzing maps and diagrams. Students applied the same skills we have been focusing on during reading by collecting facts and then making inferences about everyday life in the colonies.


Weather and the Water Cycle continued this week. Students completed their cloud projects. The learned about air masses and fronts. We watched a clip of a weather report from last Sunday in which Chris Suchan showed the arctic front move in. Students learned weather map symbols for warm and cold fronts as well as high and low pressure. They practiced reporting and predicting the weather using this EdHeads site: Finally students learned about weather instruments: barometer, thermometer, anemometer, wind vane, hygrometer, and satellites.

Book Review Students Created Using WeVideo

Next Week's Specials Calendar:

Monday, Nov 17 - Day 2: PE

Tuesday, Nov.18 Day 3: Art

Wednesday, Nov. 19 - Day 4: Library

Thursday, Nov. 20 - Day 1: Music

Friday, Nov. 21 - Day 2: PE

Upcoming Events:


11/11 - PTA Meeting 7:00pm

11/12 - Science Performance Series testing

11/13 - Picture Retakes

Week of Nov. 17 is American Education Week

11/17 - Encouraged to wear red, white, and blue attire

11/18 - Veterans will help students recite the Pledge of Allegiance

11/18 - Math and Science Night - RESCHEDULED for the Spring

11/20 - 5th Grade Concert 5:30pm

11/20 - Professional Career Day: students are encouraged to dress for their future career

11/21 - School Spirit Day: Students encourage to wear LO spirit wear or from the college they hope to attend.

11/26 - No School: Thanksgiving Break

11/27 - No School: Thanksgiving Break

11/28 - No School: Thanksgiving Break

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