The Tet Offensive

Alec Bard


The NVA (North Vietnamese Army) along with other Vietcong guerrillas were the main forces that tried to cripple the US forces throughout South Vietnam. There also were small groups of Russian mercenaries that helped them.


The NVA and the Vietcong attacked several major US bases throughout South Vietnam. They also attacked all major cities throughout South Vietnam


At the height of the Tet Offensive Vietnam was split in half the north side being Communist and the south being Presidential Republic. We fought with the south during the war. Most of fighting did not take place in North Vietnam because we were afraid if we marched any further in North Vietnam China would of got involved.


The Tet Offensive began on January 30,1968, it was early in the morning when Vietcong guerrillas blasted a huge hole in the wall of the US embassy. That was first of many attacks that took place that day.


We helped South Vietnam because we didn't want all those communist countries taking over all those countries that were not communist. Before The Vietnam War the French were fighting a war, in Vietnam and we supplied them so we had to still help them out.