Oh The Places You'll Go

Zitzman 411

Put First Things First

What changes could you make to your schedule today that would allow you to focus on the important rather than the urgent?

Upcoming Activities:

Monday- Big Smiles on the stage. A Day.

Tuesday-Big Smiles on the stage. PLC Meetings. B Day.

Wednesday-C Day.

Thursday-Spirit Squad. D Day.

Friday-ZE Spirit Day. A Day.

PLC Focus

ELA MOY Benchmarck review. How did you students do on the MOY Benchmark standards? What are you going to do for the students that are struggling on specific standards?

Be sure to answer these questions on your Grade Level Accountability Form. Check the previous week's Accountability Form for comments from Mrs. Armstrong or Dr. Sladek.

Attendance Matters:

Weekly Warm Up Winner

The grade level winners will get their penguins this Monday after the announcements. It will be up to the team of teachers to decide how much you want to build the habitat and show love and attention to the Penguin throughout the week!

K-2 Weekly Winner: Grade - 95.9% KINDERGARTEN!!!!!

3-5 Weekly Winner: Grade -97.1% 5TH GRADE!!!!! FOR A SECOND WEEK IN A ROW! Rub it in this week to 3rd and 4th (kind competition is always fun) :)

Kdg - 95.9%

1st Grade-93.2%

2nd Grade - 91.%

3rd Grade - 93.5%

4th Grade - 93.4%

5th Grade- 97.1%

Big image

All Hands on Deck - On the Radar

These students need extra TLC...Did you make contact with one of these students?

K- Destin Taylor

1st- Raylissa Reyes

2nd- Daymein Givens

4th- Aston Taylor

Let's make these students feel the Zitzman love!

Student Assessment--- Will your students be ready to master the Missouri Learning Standards?

The BIG Domains for the grade level MAP Assessment should be observed in your classroom on a weekly basis. Spiraling the BIG Domains is key to ensure the Missouri Learning Standards are mastered and the foundations are set for our students to be ready for sixth grade.

Grade Level Blue Print


Grade Level Assessment and Timing Estimates for the Spring MAP Assessment


  • English Language Arts Grade 4 will have a writing or performance task. How can Art or Music classes integrate a writing activity into their lessons prior to the Spring Assessment?
  • Mathematics Grade 3, 4, and 5 will have a writing or performance task.
  • DESE will administer stand-alone science field tests in grade 5 and 8.

Are you ready to administer the MAP Practice Assessment next week? February 7th Early Release PD will center around the MAP Practice Assessment Data Analysis for grades 3-5, Music and Art teachers. We do better when we use the data to modify our instruction to ensure our learners know the Missouri Learning Standards. #winning!


Schedules & Proximity

  • Make sure you are picking your students up on time. We are limited on lunch recess supervisors.
  • Recess Supervisors should spread out to ensure student safety.

LIM Action Team News:

Student Learning Action Team

Our focus for the remainder of this school year will be to prepare lessons to reinforce and teach the 7 Habits in August. We will create binders for each grade level to use as a resource.