Franklin Roosevelt

By: Bryan Feliz

Biography before presidency

Franklin went to Harvard University and a law school. He wanted to be like his cousin (Theodore Roosevelt) and entered the life of politics. Franklin was a democrat who won the l=election to become a senator of New York. Later on president Woodrow Wilson appointed him as assistant secretary of the Navy and was the democratic nominee for vice president. Later on he became the governor of New York before being elected in 1932

What did he do as President?

Franklin Roosevelt was president during the great depression. He started a group of programs to help people get out of economic struggles. Together these programs were known as the "New Deal Program" and by 1935 the program had helped many people and the nation had recovered a lot from the depression. Everything went smoothly with his New deal program with him increasing taxes on the wealthy and a big work relief program for the unemployed. That all changed during WWII where President Roosevelt said that he would not send troops to fight in Europe but he would supply food and water and other necessities to the nations that were being attacked by the Axis powers. When France fell and the British isles were under attack he supplied the British with many things like ammunition. When the Japanese bombed Pearl harbor Roosevelt officially declared global war. Near the very end of the war Franklin died in Georgia from a cerebral hemorrhage.

5 Fun Facts on Franklin Roosevelt!

  • In 1921 Franklin Roosevelt got a disease called poliomyelitis which can cause paralysis

  • Franklin's first attempt to be elected for a federal position was a failure

  • He holds the record for the longest serving American president in history

  • Franklin assigned Frances Perkins as a part of his cabinet making her the first female cabinet member

  • Franklin dropped out of law school in 1907
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