The Life of Zack Hodges

By Josh Frelo


Perseverance and adversity are used as fuel. When used you can do anything to achieve something. Some people feed off adversity to destroy obstacles in there way. If you mastered perseverance and adversity, you reached the ladder to all your goals.

Zack Hodges

Zack Hodges has gone to Harvard, He has been homeless. Zack has suffered his father's and mother's death. When he was little he suffered abuse and hunger. He has starved and he has had times that when he never took a shower for weeks

Zack Hodges Fuel

Zack use's his past to fuel his energy to do sports. Every day after collage he would run up and down the steps of the stadium for over an hour. Harvard is a challenge that Zack has defeated. Zack has felt pain for what it truly is and that is what he use's to fuel him to do good and achieve his goals.
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Zack Hodges Childhood

Zack suffered his mom & dad's death at a young age, his mom got abused verbally by step husband. He saw things that a kid should never see at a young age.He lived in so many places that he called home, in a short time they either got a new home to rent or stayed in the car. Zack wasn't clean for at least a week and had a short amount of food everyday.
Interview of Zack Hodges

He is being Interviewed at the senior bowl