Residential Schools

In 1890-1914

Who were placed in Residential Schools?

Aboriginal children from ages 6-18 were placed in residential schools against their will. They were isolated from their families and if the children died, the family wouldn't be informed.

What were Residential Schools and what happened in there?

Residential schools were government sponsored religious established schools for aboriginal children. People that worked in residential schools assaulted, raped and beat children. If a female was raped, they were forced to get an abortion. They also were beaten, killed or abused:

  • forbidden to speak their aboriginal language
  • required to speak English or French
  • forced to cut or shave their hair
  • served spoiled food
  • sexually assaulted
  • no contact to siblings
  • forced labour in unsafe environment
  • force fed own vomit when sick
  • withhold of presents and letters from the children to the parents

Why were aboriginal children put into Residential Schools?

They put aboriginal children into residential schools because they didn't like aboriginal people and the way they lived their lives. Aboriginal people were unable to adapt to a rapidly modernized society.

Where were Residential Schools?

Residential schools were in every province in Canada except for Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick and Newfoundland, although the first Residential School was made in New France.

When were the first Residential Schools built?

The first Residential School built in Canada was in the 1870s and ended in 1990s. The first Residential School closed in 1996.