Conifer Forests

By Keara Simmons

Habitat and Conditions

Conifer biomes are located in the northern hemisphere in colder regions such as Canada and Russia. The trees here thrive in long, cold winters and short, cool summers. They often cover mountainsides, growing close together to protect from the wind.


  • Many swampy areas and small lakes (left by glaciers)
  • Nutrient-lacking and acidic soil
  • Mat of needles and tree debris covers forest floor
  • 12-33 inches of rain each year
  • Depend on fire to clear debris and release seeds

Animal Life Forms

Plant and Tree Life Forms

Threats to Coniferous Forests

Logging is the main environmental threat to these forests. Trees being cleared for ski resorts, housing and landfills take away the plant and animal life, and cause soil erosion. Planting new trees is a good idea, but this can lead to the loss of biodiversity.

Biodiversity is the variety of life forms in a particular area or ecosystem.

In Canada alone, one acre of forest is cut every 12.9 seconds!!

Pollution and carbon from fossil fuels is another hazard, as well as hunting, mining, construction, and oil exploration.