Marine Mammal Act of 1972

Protect the Dolphins

What is does?

It prevents the taking of marine mammals enacts a moratorium on the import, export, and sale of any marine mammal, along with any marine mammal part or product in the U.S.


Importance of it is the fact tthat this is the first act to protect the ecosystem itself when approaching the issuse of environmental conservation.

Clear Air Act of 1963 (and it Amendements)

What does it do?

The act was designed to control air pollution. It required the EPA to create and enfroce regulations to protect the public from pollutants.

The Amendments

There are three years of major amendmening to it:
1970-Authorized development of comprehensive federal and state regulations to limit emissons from both stationary and mobile sources.

1977-Concerned prevention of significant deterioration.

1990-New programs were made to control acid rain and for the issuance of stationary source operating limits. Others amendments were regarding stratospheric ozone protection, increased enforcement authority, and expanded research programs.

Importance of It

This was one of the first major environmental acts that controls air pollutants and the strongest one as of yet.