A Small Problem

What Is It?

Dwarfism is a genetic disorder which causes short stature. It affects the metabolic and hormonal areas of your body causing a growth hormone deficiency.

Dwarfism is a dominant trait and is located on the 4th chromosome.

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How Do People Get It?

Since dwarfism is a genetic disorder, it is passed on through sexual reproduction. A zygote gets the dominant allele for dwarfism which means the child will have dwarfism no matter what, unless a crazy mutation in the gene occurs. The chances of such a mutation happening is low, so once you get the allele, you're stuck with it.
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Symptoms include

  • Bowed legs during growth
  • Short fingers, legs, well everything.
  • An adult height of less than 4 foot 10 inches

  • Difficulty opening doors (If you can reach at all)
  • Cannot carry groceries without dragging on ground (Because of height and muscle strength)
  • Risky to cross roads as cars cannot see them.

Professional Illustration of Dwarfism

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Can it be diagnosed?

There is no way to "diagnose" dwarfism, but some people get plastic surgery or just regular surgery to implement bone "substitutes" to help "cure" the problem. unfortunately, this isn't safe and as always, comes with a cost.

Is it common to a certain group of people?

Dwarfism is not common to "a group of people" unlike a few other genetic diseases, but in Yangsi, China, an odd number of dwarfism cases have been reported. No one knows why, but near 50% of all births in the village are dwarfs, Dwarfism is a dominant trait, but how did this village get this trait? No one knows. This village was very secluded before hand and had no evidence of dwarfism, but how did it start? Many scientists say it may be because of a mutation, but a mutation shouldn't be affecting 50% of the population.

Possible Treatments

Expand Spinal Canal through Surgery

Insert shunt into the skull to drain excess fluid and relieve pain. (Don't think about it too much)

A tracheotomy to improve breathing

Prognosis for future

Life expectancy: Usually the same as a normal human. (Crazy, right)

The Quality of Life: Lots of things you can't do, judged by appearance, but you can easily get a free drink at restaurants pretending to be a child.

Jobs: Hard to find a jobs with such a disability other than a circus performer, actor, or Santa's elf


Dwarfism is a problem, a small problem, but should not be overlooked. Many people suffer from dwarfism and others who don't need to be educated.

That's why I made this.

(And also because it was for school)