Parents Wanted!

Every child needs a parent, not all children have one.

Parents are important to get every single child through the ups and downs of life. Without a parent, a child could feel lonely and empty. Apply to be a parent, and you'll change a child's life for the better!

Required Parent Activities:

In their life time, parents do quite a many things with their children. The most important of all is play. If you play with your child it will help them understand the realities that they are surrounded with. By mimicking the things your child sees you and the other people around you doing, it helps them make connections, understand more things, and builds up their minds even more when it comes to comprehending what is what.

Keep in mind that your child would need 24/7 attention and care!

Readiness for Parenting is Required!

You need many skills and traits in order to not only be a parent, but to be a good parent.The most important thing a parent needs, and will really struggle without, is a steady job and income. In order to be able to get all the necessities of your child, you need to be in a good financial state. Also, you need to be physically and mentally mature. Sure, have fun with your child, but teach them right from wrong. In addition, make sure that your relationship with your spouse won't interfere with the life you want for your child. Your spouse is there to help you and support you, not make life more difficult. Finally, you will have to be okay with forgetting about some aspects of your life. With children, they often consume most or all of your time. You need to be able to give up some tings for the benefit of your child.

The Qualities a Child Needs:

Being a parent is guaranteed to be the best experience of your life!

The Rewards and Benefits of Being a Parent

There are many rewards and benefits of being a parent, and it's guaranteed that if you are ever a parent, then you won't regret it. A couple of benefits of being a parent (and just ask any mother or father there are a lot) are being able to sit back and watch all of your children interact with one another, you get the pleasure of seeing what your child becomes and how they become it, and of course you will always have a special connection and bond with your child that no other person could ever out-do.

Become a parent today!

*Only mature, educated, and responsible adults (over the age of 21) may apply*

*You must be financially stable and have proper housing in order to apply*