St. Paul's PACE

Medical Care Exclusively for Seniors!

Why Choose St. Paul’s PACE

St. Paul’s PACE provides senior care for adults in San Diego over 55 years of age who are living with chronic illness or disabilities and need coordinated medical care to continue living as independently as possible in their home and community.

St. Paul’s PACE provides coordinated medical and social services to seniors in San Diego County who wish to continue living in their own home despite chronic health needs. For many, it is a welcomed alternative to a nursing home. Services includes Medical Care, Ongoing Rehabilitative Therapies, In-Home Care Services, Social Work, Day Center Activities, Transportation.

PACE Model Of Care

Your St. Paul’s PACE care team members (also known as the Interdisciplinary Team or IDT) is composed of a primary care physician, center manager, registered nurses, physical, occupational and recreational therapists, social worker, dietitian, your home care certified nursing assistant, St. Paul’s PACE center aides, and transportation representatives.

As needed, your care team mobilizes other services including medical specialists, laboratory and other diagnostic tests, and hospital and nursing home care. When you first join St. Paul’s PACE, you will receive an in-depth health assessment from your entire St. Paul’s PACE care team. Additional assessments will happen every six months; when there is a change of condition or when a request for services is made. You and your caregiver(s)/family will continue to play an important role in managing your health and independence.

St. Paul's PACE Benefits

Our St. Paul’s PACE participants have many wonderful stories to share about the benefits of St. Paul’s PACE. Many appreciate St. Paul’s PACE for providing them with the socialization they have missed for so long. Through our quality senior medical care, we have increased the overall health and strength of our participants, decreased cholesterol, increased mobility, and supported weight control.