March Newsletter #2

Parent Resources to Keep Students Productive

Principal's Message


As schools across our district have closed we wanted to make sure you had access to resources to keep your students productive during this time. Below you will find links to a number of activities, games, and academic lessons.

Please also know that the district will continue to provide lunches for students as needed Monday-Friday. Also, families that do not have a computer at home will be able to check out a Chromebook here at SBE.

Any activity/assignment ideas sent out by me or any SBE teacher are not required.

Should you have any questions or needs, please feel free to call the main office number here at SBE. We will either take your call or get back to you asap.

See below for all the links.

In good health,


Lucia Mar Website--Coronavirus

All Lucia Mar District Schools are closed through March 27th. Please bookmark this page and come back to frequently for updates from the district.

Free Lunches!

Any child (not only LMUSD students) may pick up a lunch from 11am-1pm at specific schools sites in our district. For those families that live in SBE Boundaries the closest location is Judkins Middle School. See link above for all locations.

Need a Chromebook?

Any SBE student that may need a chromebook to access these online applications can pick one up from the school. Click here for the form to request to check out a Chromebook. Please read the form carefully. You must agree to the terms of the check out. You will be contacted via email and will be given a date and time to pick up the chromebooks from school.
Access to all Clever Applications

This link will take you to a document that will give access to Clever which in turn allows access to a number of online tools including: Dreambox, Reflex Math, BrainPop, Starfall and Typing Club.

How Should I talk to my Children about COVID-19?

Linked here is a resource for you to begin/continue the conversation about these unprecedented times with your children. Created by the National Association of School Psychologists.
More Links and Applications!

Another document with links to incredible resources. Please note that many educational online resources are opening up their paywalls and allowing for free use due to the school closures all over the country.

Writing Prompts for TK-6 Students

Done with online learning for a while? Want to get back to the old pencil and paper? The links below will give access to writing prompts for all levels of students:

TK and K Prompts

1st and 2nd Prompts

Writing Prompts for Older Students

Expository Prompt for Older Students

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a well known application that gives access to a wide variety of cross curricular content.

Check your Teacher's Google Classroom!

Many of our teachers use Google Classroom to post class assignments. Some will continue to post new assignments for students to complete. Again--These are NOT required.