It Takes Two to Tango!

Using 2 or More Teachers Effectively in a Classroom

Pop-Quiz Time!!!

Click the link below and answer the questions. (This is anonymous so please be honest!)

Right now, how is your classroom different than a class with only one teacher or one teacher and one paraprofessional?

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Highlighting Excellence

Ready for the Next Level of Co-Teaching?

How Do We Make It Work?

You must embed the use of a co-teach model with intention!

Click here to see sample guiding questions to use during planning.

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What is the Number 1 Way to Ensure the Success of this Partnership?

  • On-going, effective communication!
  • The hardest question you have to ask your partner: How will we communicate when it is not going well?

Here's to having a great co-teacher by your side as you loose your cool. Because going crazy alone is just not as much fun!

For On-Going Support:

Please contact your Special Education Coordinator!