More pipes!

March 24-28

Dear Parents,

It's been amazing watching the excitement of your children with this topic. They have absolutely loved it! This has been one of the best weeks, they have been teaming up, building pipes and playing like they are real fire fighters. They have also been practicing their fine motor skills with activities such as: cutting, pasting, writing and coloring.

They have also been practicing numbers from 1-10 and letters in their names, the first letter of the days of the week, month of the year and vocabulary words for these letters.

We hope you enjoy the pictures!

Teaching with love and dedication,

Ms. Maria and Mrs. Jeanette

Can you connect the pipes?

Hello, what's your emergency?

Watch out...... their cool building!

Fine motor skills

Around the world floor puzzle

Future Engineers in the making!

Dear Parents,

I will be sending the date and time of the Parent Teacher Conference very soon! Please check your day and time and let me know if it works with your work schedule. Remember it's only 20 minutes for each conference.

Thank you!