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Bedtime Story is Key to Literacy...

Great article!! Keep reading to your child!

Bedtime Story is Key to Literacy
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Scan...Think...Read...Answer...Prove it!

These are our reading strategies!
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Most people are held back not by their innate ability, but by their mindset. They think intelligence is fixed, but it isn’t. Your brain is like a muscle. The more you use it and struggle, the more it grows.

New research shows we can take control of our ability to learn. We can all become better learners. We just need to build our brains in the right way.

Pixar in a Box

PIxar in a Box

PIxar artists reveal the math behind their cool!!

Pearson Online Resources For Students

As I am sure you have seen, one of our math resources is Pearson Math. One of the best features of this resource is that students can access the curriculum at home. This means that they can review the videos from that day's lesson, print pages left at school and play educational games.
I will also have the videos available to preview if you would like to access the material before we teach it.
Students will all be given their username and password, but here is a generic one for your reference.

S plus student ID @

First 3 letters of their last name plus their student ID
EX: and12345

Please follow this link to access Pearson and click the Pearson icon. Let me know if you have any questions. Happy viewing!

Impact Aid

Please watch the video from the district:

Updates for the Week

Hi Parents! Just some quick updates & reminders:
-tomorrow, Friday, September 11th, we will have our Freedom Walk on campus. Please have your child dress in red, white and blue!!

-We've started reading the novel, Frindle, in reading. It's a wonderful book and they're enjoying it already! We're also working on prefixes/suffixes, context clues, dictionary skills and how to compare and explain different types of writing.
-We're studying communities, latitude/longitude and how to read maps in social studies. This is a great skill that we all need (despite those fabulous apps on our phones)....
-We are wrapping up our science focus of the 'nature of science/what scientists do'. We will begin studying how to compare matter/identify matter in science next week.
-Our Unit 1 Test in math is next Tuesday. We've been working hard on place value, comparing numbers, different ways to read and write numbers up to six digits, and ordering numbers. This will help your child to carry out common mathematical procedures flexibly, accurately and efficiently. I will email a review home to you Friday and your child will have the hard copy Monday afternoon. We are starting an in-class project tomorrow that will integrate place value and maps. Ask your child about it!

Class Dojo

Please go and join Class Dojo if you haven't! and find our class.

Student Planners

Students are provided with a planner at the beginning of school. This planner will serve as a wonderful means of communication between home and school. Please check your child’s planner daily, initial and have your child return it the next day. You are able to see the learning targets we are working hard on every day!

Why is math so different now?

Why is Math Different Now

10 Ways to Improve Your Child's Math Skills

About Me

My name is Amanda Brandt & I am thrilled to be your child’s teacher this year! While I just have your child for a year, I hope to make a positive impact that will last a lifetime.

This is my 2nd year at Timber Ridge Elementary, my 11th year teaching and every year gets better! I truly believe that if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.

I have a Bachelor's degree in Interdisciplinary Studies/English minor from Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas and a Master's degree in Educational Administration from The University of Texas at Tyler. My husband is a high school football coach & we have two boys, 4 & 5 years old.