Module 1

Kristy Frye

The side switch on my iPad mini with retina display

I have an iPad mini with retina display. My iPad is smaller than a regular iPad, so I can tell it is a mini. It has a camera, siri, and a lightning connector. The side switch on my ipad mutes the sound. Sometimes students may need to mute the sound quickly to hear announcements, so I think I will keep the setting as is.
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Front Row App

Front Row

I downloaded the Front Row App. Front Row can also be used from your web browser and on a computer. Front Row has common core math problems for students. The more they answer right, the harder it gets. It also offers report cards for how students are doing in the given domains.
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What Makes Sense?

I liked the video that explained the Retina Display. Sometimes the technical information is over my head, but I got it! I also didn't know very much about the different kinds of iPads before this module.

My Life

I am excited for my students to use the front row app! They will be using it during center time this week!

Change in Thinking/Makes Sense

I am not sure I had a change in thinking this week. Everything seemed to make sense to me, but I am sure I will have questions as we get going.

Pros and Cons

For me personally, the biggest con to the iPad and other mobile devices is the keyboard. I still prefer to type on a "regular" keyboard, and am much more efficient on one. I know this is not true for everyone, especially kids who are growing up with mobile devices.

I love the mobility of iPad's and other mobile devices. They don't take up much space, but allow students to utilize almost all of the features of a regular desktop. I look at the desktop computers in my classroom, that take up an entire corner of my classroom, and think about how much more space I could have without them. I also love that I can move them around the room without having to move students. Likewise, if a student wants to work on their iPad in the corner of the room, they have the freedom to move their.