Beware of Inhalants

By: Colby Santmyire

What is Inhalants

Inhalants: A solvent or other material producing vapor inhaled by drug abusers.

Source: Google Define System

When inhalants enters your body it can do bad things to your health, and body.

I Can't Believe This is an Inhalant.

I Never Knew This

An inhalants is about everything in an aerosol can. The following are examples of inhalants: Spray paint, body spray, windex, hair spray, and many more.

I Don't Want This to Happen to Me

Inhalants can effect you in many ways. For example, if a little kid were to accidentally inhale their moms hair spray, it will go to the mind and mess with it. The kid could feel sick, feel like he/she is a different world, become blind, and die from one inhale of that substance. Or young boy could inhale body spray by accident when spraying it on him to smell nice. He could have the same effects.

Be Safe

When using household products that are inhalants, be sure to be cautious of what you are doing, try to not breath in the objects, and if using a paint, wear a mask so that none of the chemicals get in your brain