The Things They Carried

Tim O'Brien

storytelling: truth vs. fiction

In the novel the narrator was saying that some people when they tell stories they lie sometimes to stretch the truth so it makes it a little fiction. one part in the story where this takes place is when the kid gets his face blown off in the novel it says that he did it but what really happen was he was there hen it happen.

the physical and the emotional burdens people carry

one of the emotional burdens people carry from the novel is if you see someone die you would feel guilty,the narrator went through something like that when he saw the kid die he said he felt as though it was his fault he said he felt that he could of dun something to stop his him from getting his face blown off.

The horror of war

The horror of war is like the scared things of the war things that people are scared of in the war. Most people when that go to war they are scared of getting shot or blown up or just dieing. In the novel there were a couple of times that u could call a horror moment like when the narrator got shot his second time he was scared that he was going to die because there new medic was to scared to leave where he was to go help him because that was his first time being in a gun fight so the narrator went into shock and almost died.

Coping With Guilt

Coping with guilt is a big part of war. Some people get when they are at war and one of there friends die while they are on duty together they may think that it is there fault. in the novel Rat Kiley was on patrol with one of his close friends that he mad in the war. When his friend was shot and killed he blamed his self for his death after the death of his friend he was crazy in the head.