Fragulis Friday Facts

January 16, 2015

It's time to turn in your Box Tops and Labels for Education!

All labels and box tops should be turned in to your classroom teacher by Wednesday, Jan. 28, 2015.

Popcorn & Juice Parties will be provided for the classrooms turning in the most box tops or labels.

Next week, we are learning...

In reading, we will focus on retelling stories. When we retell, we talk about the characters, setting, and major events in the story. It will be so helpful for your child to retell the story to you every night. Don't stop there, though! Your child can also practice retelling after watching a television show or movie!

For Writer's workshop, students will continue to write opinion pieces. We are teaching students to use reasons to support their opinion. Next week, we will respond to literature by writing about our favorite parts of texts and why we liked them.

Comparing numbers will be our standard in math. Students will be comparing numbers to 5 and 10.

In social studies, we will be learning all about the life of Dr. Martin Luther King.

Many thanks!

Thank you to all the sweet parents who generously sent in gallon sized baggies. We really appreciate it!

100th Day!

We had an awesome 100th day! A quick recap for you:

We rotated classrooms and had special 100th day lessons in reading, writing, math, and social studies from the other kindergarten teachers!

Mrs. Stewart made us a special 100th day snack! She used honey graham sticks for the 1, and 2 fudge cookies for the 00!

Each classroom displayed 100 objects in different ways! We had a "museum walk" to check out all the ways classes showed 100.

We made 100th day hats, because we are 100 days smarter!

Ms. Seymour, our assistant principal, read us a great book called Zero.

Finally, we licked a lollipop 100 times!

It was a great day of learning!

Food Finder Website...created by a GCPS student!

This site was designed to not only help alleviate child hunger by providing a simple way to find food banks and other nearby food resources, but to do so by making an unprecedentedly high-speed connection between the user and the resource itself.

As a website, is an aggregator of the contact and services information for all the food distributors for food insecure people in Gwinnett County, Georgia - something that doesn’t exist today. Its goal is to deliver food resource information quickly, concisely, confidentially, and effectively to both food insecure kids and to adult first responders, like teachers or counselors, in the Gwinnett Public Schools.

Events this week:

Library: Tuesday

Computer lab: Thursday

P.E. Day: Thursday