The Entrepernuer Me

Juan Yanez

About me

A hard working freshmen West Leyden Freshmen that is passionate about was he does, outgoing, and determined to be successful.

Entrepreneurship IS appealing to me because...

I have always wanted to run a business under my rules, I can make lots of money, and with entrepreneurship I can accomplish both.

I HAVE many of the characteristics and skills that are essential to entrepreneurs such as...

My scores on the self assessment weren't as close to be an entrepreneur but I font believe that those score are not as accurate as they should be. I think that I am a good leader, I work good when stressed out and I believe that I am a good leader. All three of these things are qualities that an entrepreneur must have so that the business can run as smooth as possible.

I CAN have a successful business that...

If I had a business I would try to make work as fun as possible so that employers look forward to come to work. I would also like the help anyone in need and give back if by business was successful.
The 15 Characteristics of Effective Entrepreneurs