"The Bulldog-Toss"

Catapult Drawing

This is our design of what The Bulldog-Toss is going to look like. Its based off the mideval concept of the catapult

Materials used:

Large popsicle sticks

Small popsicle sticks

Paper clips


Hot glue

In the Making:

Problems we faced:

Our team faced the problem of the base not being sturdy enough. We also had trouble making holes in the popsicle sticks for the paper clips to go through. We compromised that problem by softening the popcicle stick with water and using scissors to poke a hole through.


This is the link to our video of us launching our catapult

And this is the link to our summary video

Energy Transfer

The ball had potential energy when it was sitting on top of the catapult about to be shot. The catapult had mechanical energy when we actually built it. The ball had kinectic energy when it was flying through the air going towards the ground.