The Eye Of Minds

The World is Virtual, The Danger is Real.

The VirtNet

The VirtNet is a open world game were everyone is connected. You might be thinking "Why should I read a book about a kid playing a video game. That`s lame." But this is no normal game. To play you must go into a chamber to be sucked into the game, which will make it feel like you are living in the game. But the only thing you can do in the game is live a second life and die multiple times, with simulated pain. Unless... You can hack. The creators of the game created a terrible firewall on purpose to allow skilled hackers to do practically anything, including build strange buildings to attract players. So basically if you want, you can summon some penguins and make them have a chat about life.

The Mortality Doctrine

But when the VNS (The creators of the game) ask Michael to track down a cyber terrorist named Kain,(a maniac who has found out how to kill people in real life) Michael`s life will change forever. And what is real and what is not will be blurred for Michael forever.

Nothing Will Make Sense

Everything is A Mystery

A Portal To A Desert?

Whats A Tangent?

Is Anything Here Real?