Cougar Courier

Greetings from Dr. Garcia!

August 21, 2020

I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you for your patience, support and encouragement during the first week of school for our scholars. The past week was meant to serve as a foundation for eLearning. We wanted to provide time for scholars to get to know each other, and their teachers, and to learn how to be part of an online classroom community. We know that learning from home is challenging, but we are asking those at home with our scholars to help with the following:

1. Setting up a quiet place to work

2. Muting the screen when they are not talking

3. Keeping a schedule

4. Talking to them about their day and what they learned

5. Encouraging them to complete the independent practice

This Monday we will transition to a full day of eLearning. We have been cognizant of attention spans and screen time when designing the schedule and are prepared to make changes based on scholars' needs. The scholars, particularly those in grades K-4, will need their materials to participate fully in eLearning. If you did not pick them up on Thursday or Friday, please make that a priority in the coming week. You can call the office at 574-393-4300 to set up a pick up time.

As we prepare for a full day of eLearning, I encourage everyone to lean into the IB learner attribute of open-mindedness. No one could have predicted how much our lives would change in a short amount of time. We are all having to adapt our lives quickly and there will be struggles. It's critical that we remember that struggle is inevitable but if we remain steadfast, open-minded and reflective, we can learn and grow in powerful ways.


Dr. Garcia

Greetings from the staff at CIA!

Grades and Attendance

We have learned this week that many scholars are logging onto their Google Classroom but are not completing assignments, the attendance check-in or attending the live Hangout. If teachers have created an attendance question on the Google Classroom, please ask your scholars to complete the question.

If you are receiving a phone call for an absence, it can be for a single period absence. Please note that our 6th, 7th and 8th grade scholars have eight classes a day. I have included the bell schedule that they will follow in this week's Courier.

Grades count during eLearning so please make sure scholars are completing their assignments.

Schedule for 6th-8th Grade Scholars

1st period: 9:00-9:45

2nd period: 9:49-10:30

3rd period: 10:34-11:15

4th period: 11:19-12:00

Lunch for 6th grade: 12:02-12:32

5th period (6th grade): 12:36-1:17

5th period (7th and 8th): 12:04-12:45

Lunch for 7th and 8th grade: 12:47-1:17

6th period: 1:21-2:02

7th period: 2:06-2:47

8th period: 2:50-3:30

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We have received this year's allotment of devices provided through the 1Million Project grant that provides mobile hotspots to families in need of internet assistance.

We have a limited number of devices and they will be distributed on a first come, first serve basis.

These devices are available to SBCSC families with students in grades K-12.

To apply for the devices, families need to visit and complete the application.

  • This application can be completed using a cell phone.
  • If a family cannot access the application a principal or teacher may complete it for them.
  • Only ONE device will be distributed per family.

Once the application has been submitted, the family will receive a confirmation email to notify them that they have been selected for a free device.

Device pickup will be available two days a week (TBA) from Technology Services at Edison.

  • 2701 Eisenhower Dr., Door 5, 46615
  • Specific dates and times will be provided in the confirmation email.


The deadline to order spirit wear is Monday, August 24th.
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Students and families will be able to receive grab and go breakfast and lunch at the following sites.

Meals will be distributed from noon to 2 p.m. A map of the sites is here.

  • Washington High School: Monday through Thursday

  • Kennedy Academy: Monday/Wednesday

  • Madison STEAM Academy: Monday/Wednesday

  • Marquette Montessori Academy: Monday/Wednesday

  • Monroe Elementary School: Monday/Wednesday

  • Rise Up Academy: Monday/Wednesday

  • Swanson Traditional School: Monday/Wednesday

  • Tarkington Elementary School: Monday/Wednesday

  • Coquillard Elementary School: Tuesday/Thursday

  • Darden Elementary School: Tuesday/Thursday

  • Harrison Elementary School: Tuesday/Thursday

  • LaSalle Academy: Tuesday/Thursday

  • Lincoln Elementary School: Tuesday/Thursday

  • Muessel Elementary School: Tuesday/Thursday

  • Nuner Fine Arts Academy: Tuesday/Thursday