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A Monthly Newsletter for and about ESD Employees Issue 10-21

Hello ESD Team!

The leaves are beginning to fall, there is a crispness in the morning air, and Ellensburg students are back in their classrooms learning and making connections with their teachers and friends.

Walking through the schools, and seeing staff members in action, it is clear that there is no shortage of enthusiasm and dedication in our ranks.

We are excited to launch the ESD Insider, a monthly newsletter for and about ESD employees. We will share information that is important to you, as well as, stories of your accomplishments and triumphs.

Welcome Back!

It was a beautiful day to start a new school year, and at every building there was excitement in the air! Like any first day, there was a lot of traffic directing. At Mt. Stuart, teachers were taking students on tours of the new building. CWU football players greeted students with cheers and shouts of “You can do this!”, and “Have a great year!” After the initial maneuvering, students were in their classrooms engaged in learning. Thank you for your dedication to making the first month of school successful for our students.

Zoom Today With Dr. Larson

Kittitas County Health Officer Dr. Mark Larson will provide an update for ESD staff today at 5:00 p.m. As with past meetings, Dr. Larson will provide an update on COVID in our community and answer questions in the chat along the way. Click here to join the meeting.

Let's Tell Our Story

Great happens here in ESD!

We believe:

  • ESD staff care deeply about students and their success.
  • ESD staff are invested members of this community.
  • Students are incredible people with their own achievements, in and out of the classroom.
  • ESD staff work to build connections with the community, so people know about the great opportunities we give students here in ESD.
  • The work you do every day is making a lasting and positive difference in the lives of Ellensburg students.
  • We can tell our story in multiple ways.

That’s the real story, and it will be an honor to share it with our community.


1. Participate in the “Excellence in Ellensburg” Facebook campaign. Every week we will feature an ESD employee (see example below).

2. Follow and share District and school Facebook posts.

3. Share achievements and milestones, so we can celebrate you and your students.

4. Let us know when you have anything interesting happening.

5. Email Leslee Caul, or call ext. 2015, with story ideas., photo opportunities, and more!

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ELC Offering Employee Discount

We are excited to announce the Fall opening of our new ESD Early Learning Center, which is offering a 20% discount to all ESD employees.

We are thrilled to provide an inclusionary preschool experience for children ages three and four who reside within Kittitas County. Our lead teachers Cathy Idler and Effany Martinson are highly qualified, certificated teachers who are passionate about growing our youngest learners.

For more information please click here, or reach out to Juli Hamilton, ESD Director of Early Learning and Elementary Success, at juli.hamilton@esd401.org.

Open Enrollment Begins October 25

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Summer Institute

Great happens here in ESD! This summer, several teachers chose to engage in continuous learning at Morgan Middle School. Twenty course sessions were offered in August ranging from approaches to math and literacy, to courses designed to help teachers understand youth mental health issues, and the best practices for behavior interventions.

There were 211 sign-ups for the sessions, with some teachers attending multiple sessions. As a result of these courses, eight special projects have been approved to move forward for research and study, with 33 teachers participating in those ongoing projects.

“I am delighted that we were able to offer this opportunity for teachers to grow and learn, while being compensated for their time,” says Superintendent Jinger Haberer. “ We were thrilled to be able to use the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund (ESSER II Fund) for this event.”

WSU Offers Discounted Football Tickets

Washington State University is offering special Teacher Appreciation tickets to WSU football games! ESD employees can save up to 20% off the regular ticket price when purchasing with this group. Discounts are being offered for Oct. 8 (Oregon State), Oct. 23 (Brigham Young), and Nov. 19 (Arizona). Click here to purchase tickets. WSU invites you to share this offer on social media so your friends and family can come too! Go Cougs!

National Board Certification

Ellensburg School District will once again be offering a Cohort Support program for teachers seeking National Board Certification. The program, led by Rosalyn Miller and Cathie Day, will begin in October. The Cohort Support program is District-sponsored at no cost to the candidate.

Any teacher with three or more years of teaching experience is eligible for the program. “A lot of teachers think they have to complete this process in a year,” says Miller, “but they can take up to three years to submit the four components for certification. Teachers can do a little chunk a year at a time, or the whole process in one year.”

Miller also notes that the program for Ellensburg teachers is a local support system with both a group and individual focus. Funding for the program is available through the State, and teachers who gain National Board Certification are entitled to additional pay upon completion.

“This program is flexible,” says Miller. "We want to facilitate the process in ways that help individuals find success. Some people work better within the cohort, while others find that individual attention is more helpful for their process.”

A Foundations course will be held in the coming weeks to explain the processes, funding, and timelines available. Watch your email for more information or contact Rosalyn.Miller@esd401.org.


Did you catch a coworker in a random act of kindness? Did someone offer you that helping hand that made all the difference? Sometimes something as simple as a kind word or smile can turn a bad day into a better day.

Shout Out is your opportunity to recognize and thank a coworker for being awesome. Here’s what it might look like, with your help:

Shout Out to Matt Cziske for being a patient and helpful teacher and coach as I learn a new job.

Leslee Caul

Shout Out to Morgan Middle School Staff for hosting an engaging and fun open house.

Jinger Haberer

Send your Shout Out to Leslee.Caul@esd401.org and we’ll put it in an upcoming issue of ESD Insider