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Staff month

Staff month

This month is Encino Parks staff month. The news team will be adding interviews with staff members.

month events

Grade events

kindergarden's April events

Kinder round up: Monday, April 4th at 5:30 p.m.

kindergarten proforms: Tuesday, April 5th at 6:30 p.m.

kindergarten goes to Devine Acres Farm: Tuesday, April 12th at 9:00 am.

first grade april events

Tursday, April 21st: First Grade proforms the Fiesta Parade

Second grade events

Unfortunately 2nd grade does not have any events this month

third grade events

Unfortunately third grade also has no events this month.

fourth grade events

Unfortunately 4th grade does not have any events either this month.

fifth grade events

Billy P. Perryman visits: Tuesday, April19th at tbd time

Whole school events

Friday, April 7th is the special Olympic track meet at 9:00 a.m

Sunday, April 10th is Go kids challenge at 10:30 a.m.

Monday, April 11th is the author visit of frog and fly

Friday, April 22nd is a holiday!

Thursday,Saturday April 28-30 Lion King Performances


CONGRATULATIONS art club participants for being in the Young Masters Art Show!!!!!
Good luck to 3rd, 4th and 5th graders on STARR testing! all your teachers know you'll do great!

super summer vacations

Summers coming!!! There are lots of fun things to do, but The best things are to stay up and active. When your active you build muscles. Your best bet is getting exercise while having fun this summer. A fun safety tip is to also wear sunscreen. You dont have to put the pool amount but a small spf is good and safe so that you dont get a sunburn. So remember be safe this summer and play 60 minites every day!!!!!!!!

student adds

the school newspaper is looking for a Miss know-it-all. here's how it works:Students write problems or questions to miss know-it-all and she writes back to them. But when we find a miss-Know-it-all her identity has to be secret. If you're interested please let me know please email the news team at scohoe@stu.neisd.net, thanks!

Miss-Know-it-all interested dead line

Friday, April 15th, 12:15pm

2550 Encino Rio

San Antonio, TX

Please email the news team before april 15th and no later than 12:15 once
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The Fiesta is coming in April!!!! Every ones super stoaked! be shore to get your tickets before this fun event passes.

An Incounter With Coach

Interveiwer: What does it mean to be coach?
Coach: Well,you need to be a good roll model for students. You also need to know how to be a good roll model for students. you also need your weak spots so you can work on them. you also need to know the fundementals like sports and how to make them fun for everyone.
interviewer: do you like being coach?
coach: of course i do! why i spent thousands of dollars to be one. that's what i wanted to be for a very long time so, i did it.
interviewer: do you like playing with us every day?
coach: why wouldn't i? that is why i wake up in the morning


staar is coming! everybody is nervous, or scared, but remember to do the stereches. Remember to use your strategies.

The School Library

The school library has different storys and brings joy to kids of all ages. There are different kind of storys theres fiction, nonfiction, fantasy. You can also use the library for projects and homework! now you know why the library is awsome!


Do you like art? Well I do. some people do art to have fun when there bord. Also some arts look 3D, up side down. And theres some sculpturs. Art is awsome.

hanging out with Mr.Shelbey

Interviewer:How does it feel to be

just for music lovers

Interveiwer: What is it like to be a music teacher?

Mrs.David: it's wonderful it's always interesting, something new every day.

Interveiwer: How long have you been a music teacher?

Mrs.David: I have taught music for 12 years but , I have also taught 1st grade and second grade.

Interveiwer: Is it cool working with all the different grades?

Mrs.David: Yes, I enjoy working with all the different grade levels.

interviewer: would you ever consider going back toyour own class, and teaching?

mrs.david: probably not.

interviewer: why would you not go back?

mrs.david: well because i LOVE music and i wouldnt go back.

thank you!