SUPPORT SYSTEMS By:Nicholas Powers

The Skeletal System and The Muscular System

The skeletal system

The skeletal system or skeleton is the bones of the body.It is the frame of your body.If you didn't have your skeleton you would be a pile of skin!The places were bones meet is called a joint. Joints let your body move because with out joints you couldn't move and you would be a pile of bones!Bones protect the body's inner organs such as the rib cage which protects the heart and lungs.The skull protects the brain.All together you have about 206 bones in your body.Babies have about 305 bones because they are not fully formed.The backbone or spine is actually 26 small,disc shaped bones called vertebrae.The spine protects a line of nerves called the spinal cord.


Joints connect your bones. If you didn't have joints you would be a pile of bones! There are six kinds of joints,hinge,ball and socket,gliding,pivot,saddle,and conyloid. Joints also help you move.

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The Muscular System

The Muscular system is the muscles of the body.There are more than 600 muscles in the body.Muscles move the bones in your body.

The Muscular System

The Muscular system is the muscles of the body.There are three mane types of muscles:

smooth muscles,skeletal muscles and heart muscles.Skeletal muscles are muscles that help move bones and joints.Heart muscles are the heart and the many muscles surrounding it.The heart is the strongest muscle in the body.Smooth muscles line the insides of some organs.Such as the stomach,intestines,blood vessels and the bladder.There are voluntary muscles and involuntary muscles.Voluntary muscles move when you want them to.The triceps and biceps are voluntary muscles.Involuntary muscles are muscles that move even when your not telling them to.The heart is an involuntary muscle because it keeps on beating even when you're not thinking about it.