Coyote Chronicle

November 1, 2021

Principal's Message

I would like to give a huge shout out to our JES PTA for the wonderful Boo Drive-Through event. We saw so many Coyote families driving through with big smiles on their faces and excitement in their eyes. A special thank you to Melissa Greenburg for chairing the event and for all of the other parent, staff, and high school volunteers for setting up, providing entertainment, and cleaning up after the event. Way to think outside of the box, PTA!

In November, PTA would like to recognize veterans from our Coyote family. Please fill out the Google Form below to submit the name, info, and even a picture for veterans you would like to honor.

Click here for the Veterans Day Google Form

Here is a sneak peek at this month:

11/3: Preschool & Make-Up Picture Day

11/4: Panda Express Fundraiser Dinner Night

11/7: Daylight Savings Ends

11/11: No School Veteran's Day

11/12: Student Council Camouflage Spirit Day

11/22-11/26: Thanksgiving Break

As always, please reach out if you ever have any questions or concerns. We are here to help with whatever you need!


Mrs. Underwood

"Thriver" Trait: Self-Control

During the months of November and December, we will be focusing on the Thriver trait of self-control. Thrivers Author, Michelle Borba, defines self-control as: "The ability to control your attention, emotions, thoughts, actions, and desires." Self-control is highly correlated to life success and resilience. Our Coyotes will be learning the strategy of Stop, Think, Act here at school. This can help them to say no to impulsive urges and make good choices independently.

Borba stresses the importance of decision-making in building self-control in your child. When children are able to make their own choices and face the consequences (good and bad), their self-control stretches and confidence builds. Borba suggests parents identify their own parenting style to start:

Enabler: "You've had a big day. Let me choose for you."

Impatient: "We're late, so I'll decide"

Coddler: "I'll tell Sam that you're sorry. Don't worry!"

Competitor: "Ryan's project is going to be good. Let's add more photos so yours is better."

Rescuer: "I'll redo your science project. Your letters don't look right."

If you recognize that your parenting style might be robbing your kid's self-control, identify what

he is capable of doing alone at his age and ability level. Then learn a new mantra: "Never do for

my kids what they can do for themselves."

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Parents! We need your help!

Every day we have a large number of students coming to their teachers or to the front office for a mask. We are running out! The school district has provided cloth and paper masks for students, but they are in high demand and short supply. This typically happens at the start of the day, after recesses, and after lunch.

Can you please help us? We would like our Coyotes to be successful and responsible. Please talk to your child(ren) about putting their masks above their elbows or around their wrist while outside. Also, if you can put a couple extras in their backpacks, that would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for your partnership and assistance in this matter!

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Bottled Water Donations

Due to COVID protocols, our drinking fountains have been turned off. We do have two water bottle refill stations on campus - one in the kinder wing, near the front office, and one in the 3-5th wing near the restrooms - that are available for students.

If you would like to donate a case of water bottles to the school for distribution, we would appreciate it so much! Please bring donated cases to the front office. Bottled water will be distributed by the health clerk for students who do not have water with them that day.

Thank you to the many parents who have brought in water bottles. We appreciate it!

Did you know?!

If you are a parent of a 4th grade student, they get a free National Park pass for the year! Only requirement is that your student is with you when you go to the National Parks - just click on the link and fill out the form for your first visit and they will give you an annual pass! So cool!

Want to work for TVUSD?

TVUSD is hiring a number of positions at each campus, ranging from 2 to 6 hours a day.

Here at Jackson Elementary and Jackson Preschool, we have openings for :

Classified Substitute - 3.5 or 6 hours

Classified Substitute Health Clerk - 6 hours

Emergency Substitute Permit for Prospective Teachers

Substitute Teachers

Other job postings can be found on the TVUSD website clicking here.

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Is your student in need of tutoring?

GOHS is offering tutoring for students in elementary and middle school. The students are in the GOHS AP or IB program, or they are now first-year college students. They have stated whether they are interested in volunteer tutoring, paid tutoring, or both.

Please note that this is simply a connection vehicle. JES and GOHS are not responsible for any contract made between parties. If multiple students respond to your request, you can choose the best fit and negotiate that outside of the parameters of the school site.

We are hoping this will help many of our families who need additional assistance in their subjects. Sometimes a student talking to a student is the best way to get the content across!

If you are interested in having a tutor, please fill out the form linked here.

If you have any questions, please reach out to:

Mrs. King at

Mrs. Kofler at

Mrs. Curtis at

Let's Talk (GOHS website)

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Student Safety

Parents, we have had an increase of parents who are parking along the red curbs to either meet their students or who leave their vehicles. You can park in any of the parking stalls in the parking lot or have your student walk past the trash bins and around the corner near BASES or meet you across the street by the park. Blocking the exit of the front loop to grab your students is strongly discouraged. Please cross with your child(ren) in designated crossing areas only! We have seen many close encounters between children and cars. Thank you!
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Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Corner

We know many families may be struggling financially and may need some assistance. Please click on the link below for additional information and to submit a request for assistance.

Sabemos que muchas familias están enfrentando desafíos financieros y pueden necesitar ayuda.Para obtener más información o para solicitar asistencia haga clic en el siguiente enlace.

JES Celebrates Red Ribbon Week

Join us for November's Dinner Night

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JES loves our Veterans!

JES PTA would like to recognize the Veterans in our Coyote Community. If you have a family member who has served in our military, we would like to recognize you!

Please fill out the attached form and include a picture, if you have one! We will be putting together a video to share with our school community. Thank you!