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China-Chennai Partnership!

你好 and Vanakkam!

Why China and Chennai, India?

Chennai, one of the fourth largest metropolitan cities in India and China have one of the most intruging histories - socially and culturally. Being part of one of the fastest growing economies, we have a lot to learn from each other. And this partnership is to explore that opportunity the AIESEC way!
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What does it mean?

The partnership between China and Chennai aims at involving your interns in creating projects for themselves, by understanding the social issues that are relevant in Chennai, India and aligning it witht the Sustainable Development Goals for greater impact. The first step towards changing the world is awareness. The second is to accept it and take action. Young people have the capacity to be at the front and lead the change we all seek. The interns have the grand opportunity to bring out their best potential in Chennai.
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A Slovakian's Big Fat Indian Experience | Ema Bolehradská | AIESEC in Chennai

Projects we have!

Project Connect

Project connect is one of a kind initiative by AIESEC in Chennai which aims at providing a platform for international interns to discover rural India, to document, showcase and create awareness of the current scenario of the rural landscape in Chennai. It focusses on activities concerned with Child Rights, Women Empowerment, Rural Development and Environmental Conservation!

Project Kanya

This projects aims to help the underprivileged women and girls by making them aware about their rights, promote gender equality and impart skills to them which will enable them to excel in life and broaden their perspective thereby giving them an opportunity to realize their full potential!

Project Footprints

Project Footprints provides the opportunity to impact underprivileged children by working with NGOs which involves teaching them different languages, arts and crafts, cultures and life skills to help them grow and have a wonderful childhood.

Project Worldview

Project Worlview believes that by educating the heart and the mind is a fire to be kindled and not a vessel to be filled. It provides the opportunity to guide young minds about the importance of cross cultural interaction through activities such as arts and crafts, leadership and innovation sessions, theatre and traditional dances and songs!

Project Adopt a Village

Project Adopt a Village is the first of its kind in the world! It encompasses the adoption of villages near Chennai in an effort to contribute to rounded rural development experience. The projects focusses on Child Rights, Women Empowerment, Healthcare, Education, Gender Inequality, Economic Growth and Environmental Conservation to help a village develop

Project Campus Abroad

The project aims to impart high quality counselling to students seeking overseas education. It provides ample opportunities to learn the nuances of marketing while delivering cultural and leadership sessions with suitable innovative strategies to students.

Project India Trust

Project India Trust is dedicated to Human Resource Development, advanced training and policy advocacy in the areas of educational training and development in career management, Employability Skills and Entrepreneurship Development. It provides the opportunity to deliver leadership sessions through different games, workshops and cultural activities. One is given the lead to learn the fine lines of management too!

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For more deatils regarding the projects, check the link below!

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"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" - Lao Tzu

咱们, AIESEC in Chennai, 会高兴有你在我们的项目工作,并帮助我们在使世界变得更美好,一步一个脚印的时间。

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