Improving Human Infertility

By Karin Shapiro & Julia Dacruz


Infertility is the inability a person has to reproduce naturally. Infertility can occur in any human due to multiple causes .Often, infertility occurs in woman more so than in men; male infertility is usually a rare occurrence. There are several solutions to fix the inability to conceive in both sexes.

Natural Ways to Improve Fertility

For Women:

1: Maintaining a healthy weight

2:Watch what you drink

3: Watch what medicines you take

4: Track ovulation

For Men:

1: Wear loose underwear

2:Maintain a healthy body temp. to increase spree count

For Both Men & Women:

1: Dont smoke

2: Have frequent intercourse

3: Avoid harmful pesticides and chemicals

Artificial Ways To Improve Fertility

1. Artificial Insemination: insertion of semen into the uterus without sexual conduct.

2. Embryo Transfer: The process in which an egg that has been fertilized is transferred into another person's uterus.

3. Fertility medications: Clomid and Serophene-to help the pituitary gland located in the brain release hormones like GnRh, FSH, and LH that stimulates the ovaries to produce eggs.

4. In vitro fertilization: the process of fertilization by manually combining a sperm and egg in a labatory dish and then transferring the embryo to the uterus.

5. Surrogacy: A woman who is artificially inseminated with the father's sperm. she carries the baby and delivers it for the parents to raise.

6.ICI-Intracervical insemination-deposits donor sperm directly into the cervix.

Advantages/ Benefits

  • Better chance of having a child.
  • Having a child that is genitically linked to you, opposed to adopting.
  • Better chance of having more than one child at once.
  • Being able to choose physical traits and sex of baby.


  • Emotional and physical toll
  • Introduction of chemicals/ hormone therapy
  • Finincial burden

Physical Affects

  • Extreme physical changes during infertility treatments
  • Undergoing multiple procedures

Economic Affect

  • When not covered by insurance imposes financial hardship
  • Increased financial burden on insurance companies
  • Fertility industry brings in a high profit due to patients seeking treatments

Environmental Affect

  • Increased medical waste i.e. used needles

Social/ Global affect

  • Increased population due to successful treatments
  • Negative stigma attached to infertility
  • Less adoptions
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