Principal Newsletter

2020-21 Start of School Year Update

Welcome to the 2020-21 School Year

Hello JLMS Families! We are hard at work in preparing for the start of the 2020-21 school year. We know there are many questions that families have as the district registration process has finished and we prepare to implement our reopening plans. This newsletter is an update to provide information to families as to where we are in the process and provide clarity on frequently asked questions. We want to remind our families that their is fluidity to this year and that processes and protocols can change based on a variety of factors relating to COVID. In saying that, I am excited for the year to start and get back to what we do best in the Grafton School District, "Students learning and teachers teaching!"

Kevin Deering

JLMS Principal

September 1st Schedule Change for 6th Graders and Virtual Students

We have made the decision to alter the first day of school on September 1. We have traditionally had our Web Crew students provide an orientation to our 6th grade students. However, this program is built upon bringing all students together and doing whole group activities with students in close proximity to each other. We are now altering our first day and will still have in-person 6th grade students attend JLMS for a half day. There will still be busing and 6th grade students will attend from 7:29-11:00 a.m. on September 1. This allows us to still have only 6th grade students in the building and get them acclimated to JLMS.

We are developing the schedule for the afternoon for our virtual students to attend so we can have them connect with their teachers, troubleshoot any technology hiccups, and learn what the expectations are for them to successfully participate in their virtual learning process. Additional communication will be sent out as we finalize the afternoon schedule for virtual students.

We will also reach out to any new 7th and 8th grade students to JLMS and bring them in during the morning to welcome them, have the learn about JLMS and provide support in their transition to a new school.

Student Schedules

We are diligently working to balance schedules to minimize the number of in-person students in each class. Our goal is to have schedules completed by the end of the week and release them for viewing to families. We appreciate your patience this year with schedules as we prepare to maintain the maximum amount of social distancing possible in classes at JLMS. Once schedules are completed, we will send out updated communication.

Locker Setup

In addition to balancing schedules, we are in the process of assigning lockers to students that registered to have a locker at JLMS. Lockers will be assigned by the end of the day Thursday, August 27. On Friday, August 28, from 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. students and a parent can come to JLMS to setup their locker. Students and parents will need to wear a face covering during this process and we ask that you exit the building immediately upon the completion of your locker setup.

Essential Supplies that in-person Students Need

As families prepare their student's supplies for the upcoming year, it is critical that in-person students have the following in addition to their grade level supply list.
  • Headphones or earbuds to use with their Chromebook
  • Face coverings (the district has 2 that they will supply for each in-person student)

In addition, the district has lanyards for each student that they can attach to their face coverings to assist in keeping it on their body when they take a mask break.

Process if student shows symptoms of COVID

The district is continuing to work with the Washington Ozaukee Public Health Department on the follow up process with families if a student displays signs of COVID and the length of time a student would be assigned to virtual learning if they have symptoms. The district is asking that all families have their emergency contact information updated in Skyward. Students who display symptoms of illness at school must be picked up immediately upon notification.

Parents are asked to asses the health of their child at home each morning. If a student is ill, do not send them to school. However, if a student fells well enough to attend virtually, they may do so. Attendance protocols will be adjusted this year to accommodate a higher volume of absences.

Links to Further Information

Below are links to further information on the District's reopening plans.

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We will continue to send updated information out about the school year as final decisions are made. We want to thank our families, staff, and community for coming together during this time to prepare for a successful reopening of schools. Enjoy the last weeks of summer!