A Tour Through the Renaissance

A Brief Insight Into the Renaissance Through One Brochure.

The Sforza House in Milan

Josquin Des Prez is the composer that has lead us a far way from home. Josquin Des Prez was at that time working for the Sforza family, one of the most powerful families in Italy. He approximately served for the Sforza family from 1480 to 1482. After that Des Prez traveled for a period of time through Italy, including stops in Ferrara and Rome.
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Orlande de Lassus was born in the Modern-Day Belgium city Mons, at that time part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.


Orlande de Lassus took us to the German city Munich, the city that he found true happiness in. He was part of the court of the Duke of Bavaria, Albrecht V. By elaborating they attempted to establish a musical par with some other courts in Italy. De Lassus also got married here, and served the rest of his life in this beautiful German city.

Onze-Lieve-Vrouwe Cathedral, Antwerp

Johannes Ockeghem takes us back to this wonderful cathedral in Antwerp. In this cathedral he delivered his first ever performance in front of a crowd. He was a real example for the Franco-Flemish School. He was not only a composer, but also a very talented singer, teacher and choirmaster.
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Ste. Waudru Church, Mons, France.

In this church Gilles Binchois delivered a mind blowing performance as an organist. This performance on a cold day in Mons, is considered to be one of his best ever performances. Monsis also Binchois' birth place, where he lived for over 20 years. He was most famous for his interesting range of melodies, and was considered the finest melodist of the 15th century.

The Malatesta House, Italy.

Guilluame Dufay served for this powerful family, which ruled Rimini for over 3 centuries. He was very loyal and served this family for quite a while, bringing his culture and wisdom into Italy.

Deventer and Amsterdam

Jan Pietrszoon Sweelinck is the last stop of our tour. He brings us to Deventer, his place of birth. He was born and raised in this city. After, Sweelinck moved to Amsterdam, where his dad worked in the Oude Kerk. Sweelinck afterwards performed in the Oude Kerk multiple times as well.

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