Most Important Advancements

Maria Benavides, Eva Fox, Maddy Shay, & Rowan Switzer

5. The Domestication of Animals

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The domestication of animals was very important to civilizations. It allowed people to become sedentary and settle in one area of land. Because they didn’t need to follow migratory patterns, they were able to focus on the development of a society. This led to the creation of social classes and jobs besides hunting and gathering.

4. The Development of Writing

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Writing was one of the most significant early human developments because it led to a productive agricultural society, a more efficient government and economy, and their written records allow us to understand the past. It was one of the components that laid the foundation for the first societies. They were now able to divide land and create calendars. This led to an agricultural surplus, which led to a diverse economy, which especially helped merchants, traders, and farmers. There was also a more powerful government because they could create laws and taxation systems. In addition, written records are the reason why we have an understanding of the past. Writing was and still is crucial to our world.

3. The Invention of Tools

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The use of tools is very significant, because it led to the advancement in agriculture, long-distance trade, and power. Tools have created a strong impact in early societies that influenced human development, in many ways. Without humans discovering this, the world would be developed very differently compared to where it is today. The use of tools affected history forever.

2. Specialization of Labor

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Agricultural surplus allows specialization of labor to occur, which allows a society to advance. Once there can be a great number of people who don’t have to work as farmers, they can specialize into other types of labor that are important to the advancement of their society. This specialization supports the existence of social classes as well as government systems that let a civilization work.

1. The Development of Agriculture

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While there were many important advancements that led to civilizations, the most important one was the development of agriculture because it led to specialization of labor and the development of cities. Agriculture leads to people seeking other occupations, or specialization of labor. Metallurgical inventions are considered one of the most important developments and this was all of a result of agriculture. With agricultural advancements, not as many people needed to work leaving them with extra time to do other jobs. Without the establishment of agriculture, cities wouldn’t exist and the development of cities changed the entire future of the world. Our life would be completely different without hundreds of advancements and inventions to change everyday life, but agriculture remains the most effective to our lives today.