Luna Missions


BY:Navieh Townsend

Long,Long ago there was a mission called luna.Luna Missions. It passed over the moon at 5000 to-6000 kilometers in (1/4/59) .

Then they made luna the first spacecraft to reach the moon in (Jan./2/1995),

But then something terrible happened, the system malfunctioned and missed the moon.

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So it became NASA job to fix the problem so it would never happen again.

so luna could become the first artificial satellite of the moon.

Then luna 17&21 carried vehicals that roamed around the earths terrian.But then luna fell into orbit around the sun and might still be there today.

Then they sent luna to space again hoping she would have no problems.Succsesfuly

luna returned back to earth with a lunar sample.She also measured the magnetic felid

of the moon for 2 months.But badley ABLE 1 falied to launch when the vehicle expoded

77seconds after launch.

A total of 12 men have landed on the moon this was accomplished with 2 us pilots.

Astronots flying a lunar module on each of 6 has a mission.

Across a 41 month time span starting on( . Jul./ 20/ 1972).Utc with Neil Armstrong

and Buzz Aldrin Apollo and ending on (Dec/14/1972) Utc with Gene Cernan

and Jack Smith on Apollo 17

The Soviet LUNAR program had 20 successful missions to the moon after all the

damage and problems. They fixed them and had more successful missions after all the Luna missions were done.

First Moon Landing 1969
Crashing into the Moon


Video 2 is about how one of the space craft crashed into the moon and got damaged but some how did not back to earth.

Video 1 is about Neil Armstrong the first man to the moon taking the first step on it and placing a flag to remind people that he did.

NASA unveils design of post-Shuttle super rocket