The Canadian Pacific Railway!


How Many Chinese Died and how Dangerous was the CPR?

The Chinese were Forced to Make the railway (Labor). They Came to British Columbia in 1881-1884 but In 1923, Approximately 15,000 Chinese Came to make the Canadian Pacific railway. While the Chinese were working they only got 1$ a Day and With that 1$ they have to Pay for Cooking Gear, Food, Shelter and Pay a bit for the Area. White workers got payed more then the Chinese (2-3$ a Day). The White worked Only needed to pay for the Food and Some Cooking gear, but the Land Was free for them. Only the Chinese Had to Use the Dangerous stuff like Explosives. Its took 42 years to make the Canadian Pacific railway and About 2000 Chinese Died. The Chinese suffered from a lot of Diseases like Scurvy and sometimes frostbit. Chinese men Came to Canada to do labor and get Money to bring there wife's and children to Canada. No Woman Came to do or make the Canadian pacific railway. When the Canadian pacific railway was built, the Canadians Banned the Chinese from coming to Canada. Even though the Chinese were keep on coming, they Also had to Pay more then $200 to enter Canada.