Cold War Events

Monique Martin

Arms Race

The United states and the soviet union were competing against each other to make weapons. Both Parties had big weapons but they were using the little weapons because they were afraid of the results. This is dangerous because if both parties are using big weapons they might wipe out everyone.

marshall plan

The United States Gave Money to other nations that wanted to become communist so they won't become communist . its dangerous because it fuels the competition against the communist and the united states . the picture shows the united states paying nations

iron curtain

The iron curtain was a separation in europe with the communist and noncommunist . the iron event is dangerous because it made two alliances that can cause a war . the picture shows a wall on europe to show the separation.

2 superpowers

the united states and the soviet union going against each other in war. this is dangerous because it can cause war. the picture shows the two leaders staring at eachother in the face.

domino theory

if one country falls they all do . Its dangerous because all the countries can be taking over. My Picture shows dominos falling and the guy trying to pick it up