the toronto province

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See this awesome place it is the capital of Canada. It is perfect place to realxe and injoy the beaches and restaurant.Toronto is famous for it's amazing cocktail and bars.Also this is the best place to vist because of all of there museams and new place to eat new foods.It a very pretty place to go.
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Founder of Ontario

This is Etienne Brule he explored Ontario in 1610 through 1612. He spent two years trying to find this land. He was also the first white man to see the lakes of Huron, Ontario, and Superior .Sadly he died in June we don't know the exact date but it is somewhere in June 1633.


There is lots of food in other places and this one of them here. They eat lamb most of the time and they eat peach pie, this is a every good place to get that nice fresh corn of the cob its amazing how many foods there I can't even name them all .


the flag one of the most favorite and respectful idem in the world we say our plege to the flag its a amazing thing they do . This is Ontario flag there most prized possesion the important thing in there live to support the people who figth for them.