What Is Energy

By: Karla Escalante

Kinetic And Potential Energy

Kinetic does make a movement.

Potential does not make a single movement yet.

For example an apple is about to fall from a tree, now it fell creating kinetic.

potential energy is the one that doesn't occur with energy at all, an apple already fell, and the apple has been there for 2 hours without a single movement called potential energy.

convection and conduction

convection is about an energy of an example for the hot surface. For example, there is this hot boiling water on the stove, you touch it with your hands, and your hand starts to burn because the boiling water is to hot.

conduction is an example of the boiling water's vapor, you put your hand above it and makes your hands feel hot and humid.


electricity is the energy that make the whole entire building have lights and function for every thing there. The electricity is needed in this world because you would need to send your work, communication, paying bills, and have television for entertainment. Without electricity, how would this world be like in your opinion?


When you are camping, there are tons of energy you can make there. When you want to start a camp fire, you just grab two big sticks, and you rub them together really hard trying to create fire, and there it is, you have created fire energy.

you would have to use a lot of force in a camp, which is also part of energy, exercising is part of the energy as well.

Human Body

The human body is part of the energy, the muscles can help you push, pull jump, and run. There are a lot of ways to make energy in this world. Your body needs daily exercise for energy.

Gravity is energy

When you go out to space in a rocket ship, there is no oxygen up there, the only thing in outer space for oxygen is having an astronaut suit, that's what you need. Going to an outer space has no surfaces, but there is gravity making you float in mid air. There is nothing heavy for the gravity. But when you are in the rocket ship to earth there is no gravity on earth because there is oxygen on earth.
Being lazy has nothing to do with energy.

waste use of energy

If you waste a whole lot of energy, than it would die because the batteries die, or because of letting the lights on for hundreds of hours while you are gone. The thing is, is when you go for so long without paying your bills, than the electricity guy would shut your whole house down, and than you wouldn't have any single light in your house, same thing with water.

pulling and pushing

Pulling is part of an energy. For example you are playing tug a war, you can not just push the rope to win, you pull to win, that would be dumb if you push the rope while you are playing the game, that game is just all about pulling.

pushing is part of the force for pushing a heavy box, you cannot pull the heavy box, but at least you can push it instead.