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Kellogg Middle School Newsletter | January 2019


Kellogg's Science Department is hosting Kellogg Science Night TONIGHT (Tuesday, January 8, 2019). All students were invited to submit a science project. The display boards/slideshows will be judged by Optimist Club volunteers and members of the Century STEM Society from 2:30-5:00. Students, parents, family and friends are welcome to attend from 5:00-6:30 to view projects and see the judges feedback forms. Refreshments will be provided. All students MUST be accompanied by an adult. Each science teacher will also be providing extra credit opportunities that night for viewing projects

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The top concern of students, staff and parents at Kellogg right now is our lunch schedule. With our increasing enrollment, we have outgrown our lunch schedule and need to make an adjustment to make the lunch period more manageable.

As we set out to problem solve the lunch issue, we found a solution that not only tackles the lunch issue but also adds an advisory period into the day. Advisory is a popular model in middle schools where students spend a shortened period each day focusing on relationship building, character development and social/emotional literacy. We are excited to embark on this change starting January 22. Here is what it will mean for our Kellogg Comets.

  • Periods 1-3 will remain unchanged.
  • Periods 6-7 will become periods 7-8, otherwise unchanged.
  • The lunch & advisory time will be assigned a period (period 4 for grade 7, period 5 for grade 6, and period 6 for grade 8.)

  • Teachers will remain the same.
  • The order of classes will remain the same.
  • The only adjustment will be that an advisory period will be added, creating this additional period in the day. Half of the grade level will go to lunch and then advisory. The other half of the grade level will go to advisory and then lunch. This means that for nearly the entire lunch period, we will have half as many kids in the lunchroom which is considerably more desirable.

We will be meeting with students about these changes next week. Then on January 22, all students will be provided a new schedule by a teacher in period 1, 2 or 3.

Thanks to our staff, student government and parents for input that helped us arrive at this solution! We are looking forward to a more relaxing 2nd semester in the cafeteria!

School Safety

(This is a review from an article published eariler this year.)

Student & staff safety are a top priority at Kellogg Middle School. Here are a few things that are helpful to know regarding our practices:

  • The state requires that we practice tornado, fire & lock down drills several times each year. Given the possible variations of threats in a school setting, staying in place might not always be the safest option. During the year, we will drill in a variety of different ways to ensure we are practicing listening and talking about possible emergency scenarios. On occasion, our emergency drills may be coupled with another event, such as the K9 searching the building.
  • When individual emergencies happen in the building, we call a "Stay Put." This means students all report to their assigned area and stay there until the all clear is given. Depending on where an emergency occurs, we may need to relocate students from one area to another to respond to an emergency during a "Stay Put". We conduct "Stay Puts" to preserve the privacy of the student or staff member experiencing the emergency and to ensure quick easy access by emergency professionals.
  • If there is a safety threat within the school building, we will be sure to communicate with all families through Skylert.
  • We do not notify families when we run drills or when we respond to an individual emergency using a "Stay Put."

Rochester Independent School District 2019 Middle School Honor Band

A select number of band students from Lincoln K-8, John Adams, Kellogg, Friedell, and Willow Creek Middle Schools have been recommended by their band directors based on playing skills, musical knowledge, classroom attendance and appropriate classroom behavior. The honor band will consist of approximately 85 of Rochester’s middle school band students. Guest clinician Geneva Fitzsimonds, band director at Edina High School and MN Music Educator of the Year in 2014, will conduct all full band rehearsals and the concert. The public is invited to attend the concert on Saturday, February 2nd at 2:00 at John Marshall High School.

Congratulations to the following Kellogg students were selected to participate in this prestigious event:

Maria Petri-Flute

Melanie Christinsen-Flute

Sofia Biedermann-Flute

Shawn Erickson-Clarinet

Aliye Bulur-Clarinet

Andrei Bancos-Alto Saxophone

Shawn Jacobson-Alto Saxophone

Alex Larson-Trumpet

Jordan Nowicki-Trumpet

Kinza Hyder-Trumpet

Colton Strumpfer-Trombone

Khya Feind-Euphonium

Erik Finke-Euphonium

Abby Schroeder-Percussion

Konstantin Petri-Percussion

Referral System

Our Coffee Chats in December indicated that we needed to more clearly communicate about behavior response at Kellogg Middle School, so here is a quick summary.

We expect kids to mess up. They are, after all, young adolescents. By design, they push limits, seek boundaries and make poor decisions from time to time. Depending on the size of the behavior, we respond in two different ways:

Level 1

These behaviors are things that we expect teachers to be able to manage in the classroom, like horsing around, not following directions, disrupting the class to a small extent, etc.

We ask teachers to address concerns, reteach expectations and document the Level 1 behavior. The reason we document is to watch for patterns in behaviors. After 3 Level 1 referrals, a parent contact goes home to let you know that your child has been addressed about low level behavior 3 times. At that time, we hope that you will join us in sending a message about appropriate behavior in school.

When a student says they "got a level 1", this means they were spoken to about an action and it was documented. If they clean up the behavior, all should be well.

Level 2

These behaviors usually cause such a disruption, that an administrator needs to be involved. This would be aggression toward another person, causing a substantial disruption, harassment, bullying, fighting, etc. In most cases, you will be contacted about an event like this right away. Typically, a Level 2 results in a consequence or some sort of action to correct the situation (parent meeting, suspension, apology, restitution).

If a student is suspended out of school, we will request to meet with a parent in person either at the time of the suspension or at the time of the return.

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High School Registration

Century Bound?

Century counselors will be visiting all 8th grade Target classes on Wednesday, January 9th (A day) and Thursday, January 10th (B day) to explain the registration process for 9th grade classes, and to distribute registration materials. Century’s Panther Night will be held in the Century Auditorium and Cafeteria on Monday, January 28th from 6:00-8:00pm. All 8th grade parents are invited and encouraged to attend. A Shadow day at Century is scheduled for March 6th.

Mayo or John Marshall Bound?

A counselor from JM will meet with Kellogg 8th graders who are slated to go to 9th grade at JM next year. This session will be during period 7 on Thursday, January 10th. Rocket Night will be held at JM on Monday, January 14th from 6:00-8:00pm. All 8th grade parents whose students are going to JM next year are invited and encouraged to attend.

A counselor from Mayo will meet with Kellogg 8th graders who are slated to go to 9th grade at Mayo next year. This session will be during period 7 on Wednesday, January 9th. Spartan Night was held at Mayo on Monday January 7th. If you missed it, please contact Mayo High School directly.



Jan 8 - Kellogg Science Night, 5:00-6:30 @ Kellogg

Jan 10 - Kellogg PTSA Meeting, 6:30-7:30 @ Kellogg Media Center

Jan 11 - District Science Fair Registration Due

Jan 14 - Rocket Night (for students going to JM next fall), 6-8pm @ JM

Jan 15 - Cool Comet Store

Jan 17 - End 2nd Quarter

Jan 17 - RAMP Night, 6-8pm

Jan 18 - No School (Teacher Work Day)

Jan 21 - No School (Martin Luther King, Jr. Day)

Jan 28 - Panther Night (for student going to Century next fall), 6-8pm @ Century

Jan 24 - Student School Board Meeting

Feb 4 - ACCESS Testing begins (EL students)

Feb 7 - Dental Clinic @ Kellogg

Feb 12 - NAEP Testing (grade 8)

Feb 14 & 15 - District Science Fair

Feb 15 - School Dance / Fun Night

Feb 20 - Courage Retreat (grade 7)

Feb 21 - Parent-Teacher Conferences

Mar 6 - Shadow Day @ Century

Mar 19 - Cool Comet Store

Mar 25-29 - Spring Break