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About Me

I am someone who has a bold and daring personality. I always have a unique perspective when it comes to my broad range of interests and hobbies. I enjoy new experiences with my friends and family, around people I enjoy spending time with. I believe that everyone should live their life to the fullest because no one knows when it will end. I enjoy doing risky things and conquering my fears because those are the things I will remember the most. I am not the type of person who will have fun bird watching or fishing, I need to be up on my feet travelling and seeing breathtaking experiences. Places I would love to visit the most would be in Europe and Australia since I have never been to both of those places before and they are certainly unique. Life has several offers that come by but some people wait until they are older, or they say "when the time comes" but usually the time never comes. We must plan these things out for ourselves ahead of time so we can enjoy the true gift life has to offer. I am someone who is quick on their feet and enjoys feeling the rush of life, which is why most of the things on my bucket list are adventurous.

Go Bungee Jumping

The thrill of outdoor adventure sports is exhilarating. Several people are doing such activities because of the one trait we all have in common which is curiosity. How it feels when you are falling 100 feet towards the earth with your arms open wide. Bungee jumping is the starter sport for all those thrill seekers out there and it is the activity I would like to experience first because after that one jump you will want to do it again and again. It is also less riskier because you are attached to an elastic cord which makes it more fun because it allows you to do one jump after another. You can also see great scenery depending on where you are jumping from. I would like to go bungee jumping at the Great Canadian Bungee in Quebec. It is surrounded by rocks, and when you jump you can also touch the water beneath you. My friends and I are planning a trip to Quebec this summer, so we are all going to be checking off one thing from our bucket list, bungee jumping.
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See the Northern Lights

Life has many precious moments and natural beauties that are not man made. One of the ones I want to see are the Northern Lights. Imagine dancing lights in the sky all different coloured and truly beautiful. Although the northern lights are very unpredictable one must be very patient. I would like to see them in Northern Canada, where visitors have a very high chance of seeing them. like celebrity scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson, “behind the most stunning sights to behold, lies some of the most challenging problems in physics”. These lights represent a feeling of being at the very tip of the earth and give us a once in a lifetime look on the small and beautiful moments the large and unpredictable universe has to offer.
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Visit the Alnwick Castle

Harry Potter is one of my all time favourite movie hands down. I have read the books and watched all the movies, the series is very interesting and I have basically grown up with it. From time to time I tend to pick up the books again and re-read them or plan out weekend marathons because I enjoy the series very much. My family and I have already taken a trip to the Hogwarts in Universal, and it was amazing. It felt as if my family and I were in the real movie with a bunch of other tourists. They have made a tour for the castle, the Gringotts bank, roller coaster, and even more activities that are beyond compare. It was so much fun seeing the replicas and going on the rides there I would love to go again. Which is why I want to go to the places where they filmed the movies. Alnwick castle is located in Scotland and it is where they filmed the first two movies. I would love to take a tour of the castle and see all the classrooms, common rooms. and much more.

Go Ziplining in Gravity Canyon

Zip lining is one of the growing trends recently; several people are checking it off their list. I would personally like to visit and be a part of the zip lining experience at the Gravity Canyon. This is an experience I would hopefully remember to tell my grandchildren about. The thrill of going down just a thin line being held by a harness just for safety and free falling to experience a rush of adventure while seeing beautiful scenery can only be found in New Zealand at Gravity Canyon. This experience would make it all worthwhile if I was to visit New Zealand, with my sisters and brother and not just to go zip lining but to also go sightseeing and see the amazing landscapes. I would also want to go caving at Waitomo Caves, which are for everyone. You can climb, squeeze, and raft through these caves. Rafting is also an activity I want to experience with my siblings where they have fast flowing rivers that take you through forests to the sea. A trip to New Zealand would be one we all would remember for a lifetime and tell our great grandchildren about.

Go Backpacking Across Europe

The backpacking experience is really interesting and unique. Everything you need is in a backpack and you just need a flight to take you to your destination from then on in, it is traveling light, experiencing the walk and scenery Europe has to provide. Walking throughout the cities would allow me to gain an experience I would not forget. I would like to backpack mostly through France. To see the people and culture France has to provide. At the same time I would like the backpack across Greece as it has the most amazing view of the water from some hotel rooms. Backpacking would be adventurous, as it would allow me to grow out of my secure shell traveling through hotels not walking or taking a car everywhere I go. Backpacking would force me to extend my arm and have conversations with people I meet at certain places and learn more about what their life is like. Life is short and the life I live I have become accustomed to, there is a continuous cycle about how it should be and what I should attain as an adult and adolescent. What I fail to experience is learning more about other people living in another society and community. Backpacking would definitely allow me to grow and expand.

Go Skydiving

There is no better feeling than jumping out of a plane and falling in the sky. The rush one feels is amazing and I certainly want to feel that once at least. The views you can see from that high are a once in a lifetime chance and it looks incredibly unreal, it also allows us to truly admire and recognize the natural beauties of the earth. I want to go skydiving in Byron Bay, Australia, which is known to have one of the best beach towns. Some say you can even spot whales in the beach from that high. I would love to go with my friends or family and enjoy this experience with them if they were up for it. It all sounds crazy; I mean why anyone who loves themselves would want to jump directly out of a plane.

Skydiving is my number one bucket list entry because there are a ton of people who want to do this, including me, they cannot all be crazy. I believe it is one of those experiences that cannot really be explained you just have to go for it. I believe in conquering my fears and taking on challenges because it makes me feel empowering and rewarding. I also want to feel like what it is like to fly; even though it is not really flying it is like falling with style. When you are in the sky you can create formations like circles with other divers or fly horizontally just like birds do in a flock. When skydiving many people have said that they get a profound sense of freedom, every piece of information in your brain is eliminated. You just feel liberated forget about the problems you might be facing in your life. I mean your thousands of feet above the earth from regular people going about their own lives, it sounds pretty cool to me. This is also an experience I would truly never forget, it will be scary, but in the end everyone remembers the scary, risky moments in their life. It will all be worth it.

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La Tomatina Festival

You have to visit at least one festival in your life, and I want to visit the Tomatina Festival, with lots of fun, frolic, and tomatoes. Who wouldn't wanna visit a real like food fight without getting in trouble. Everyone gets to throw tomatoes at each other and ride down slides of smashed tomatoes. It is like a huge tomato fight and afterwards everyone sprays each other with water. Although there should be peace and quiet in your life it is fun to get dirty sometimes, enjoy yourself, and get everyone to dance and sing. The festival takes place in Buñol, Spain in August. This experience would help me open up and be more free. I would like to go on this trip with my friends, since sometimes I tend to get shy and I would love to throw tomatoes at my friends and go down slides with them. I would also want to visit other places in Spain such as the monuments and churches they have to offer. Spanish cuisine is also very different with a large variety for everyone. Not all restaurants have the best Spanish food but Spain itself does, and you do not have to go to the most expensive restaurants some of the best Spanish food is in the small humble restaurants. I would love to experience Spain and allow myself to open up even more. At the bottom is a video from a Bollywood movie showing what the Tomatina Festival is like. The characters are all throwing the tomatoes and sliding down the tomatoes.
Ik Junoon - Paint It Red: Full Song - Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (HD 1080p)